Abstract submission deadline extended to June 6th 2016

We already received a nice amount of abstract for our Modernet meeting. But after discussion with Daniela, our local organizer, we decided to extend the deadline for abstract to 6 June 2016.

Please use word documents for the abstract and they can be submitted by e-mail to daniela@pelclova.cz 

If you want to participate in the conference, send an email to Daniela to register

We also created a special hotel reservation form to book a room at the conference hotel for a special price. I attach it to this mail, but you can also find it on the website (homepage and page on venue)

If you already know you will come, please book the room now through the form.

No need to login! To save money you can join Modernet by filling the membership registration form, but we can only give you the reduced fee if you also pay for your membership ofcourse