Participating countries

In COST Action IS1002 Modernet participating countries:

Country Date Status
Belgium 30/09/2010 Confirmed
Bosnia and Herzegovina 05/12/2012 Confirmed
Croatia 04/05/2011 Confirmed
Czech Republic 23/09/2010 Confirmed
Finland 20/08/2010 Confirmed
France 20/08/2010 Confirmed
fYR Macedonia 22/11/2011 Confirmed
Germany 14/09/2010 Confirmed
Iceland 11/01/2011 Confirmed
Ireland 07/02/2011 Confirmed
Italy 10/09/2010 Confirmed
Malta 29/07/2013 Confirmed
Netherlands 20/08/2010 Confirmed
Norway 16/09/2010 Confirmed
Portugal 13/10/2010 Confirmed
Romania 20/08/2010 Confirmed
Spain 04/11/2010 Confirmed
Switzerland 24/09/2013 Confirmed
United Kingdom 20/08/2010 Confirmed

Total: 19

COST Near Neighbour Countries

Institution Name Country
Institute of Public Health Albania

COST International Partner Countries

Institution Name Country
Monash University Australia


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Participating countries

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