Working Groups 1-4

Within the COST Action IS1002 MODERNET there are the following Working Groups:

Working Group 1 Quality of data:

Improvement of quality of data collection in occupational diseases
(Prof. Stefano Mattioli)

Work plan:

  • Cochrane review on work-related stress and mental ill health
  • Delphi study for defining work-related conditions
  • Development of a guideline for evidence based development of case definitions of occupational diseases
  • Development of a workshop for the implementation of evidence based case definitions. The workshops can be used in the participating countries.
  • Studies on workers’ and doctors’ conceptions of occupational diseases.
  • Assessment of the information needs of stakeholders for prevention of occupational diseases and the developments of tools to satisfy these needs
  • Evaluation of different sampling strategies to achieve optimal response

Working Group 2 Trends Analysis

New techniques for analysis of trends in occupational diseases 
(Dr. Roseanne McNamee and Prof. Raymond Agius)

Work plan:

  • Consensus on best practice for establishing true change in population risk over time.
  • Extend the trend analyses performed in the UK to other member countries.
  • Consensus on the most appropriate methods for tracking change in incidence for each country.
  • Three case studies overall where the impact of an intervention to prevent a specific problem is assessed through temporal changes in surveillance data.

Working Group 3 Tracing new risks

New techniques for tracing newly occurring occupational diseases 
(Dr. Vincent Bonneterre)


  • Exchange of information on possible newly occurring occupational diseases (sharing of clinical cases)
  • Alerts to EU and national institutions, occupational health physicians, employers
  • and other preventive measures stakeholders
  • Development of a defined procedure for signal tracing and follow up
  • Explore quantitative methods for signal tracing and refine them

Working Group 4 Dissemination

Dissemination and implementation of new knowledge on occupational diseases (Dr. Claudio Colosio)


  • Management of the website
  • Experiments with (new) internet techniques such as social media for rapid exchange of research knowledge and collaboration in research projects
  • Development of information and education material for several stakeholder groups
  • Experiments with (new) internet techniques such as social media for dissemination of research results on local, national and European level
  • Development of implementation scenarios of preventive measures on several societal levels