COST Modernet 2010 - 2014






The Modernet network received financial support from COST during the COST Action IS1002 Modernet
which started 9 November 2010 and ended on 8 November 2014

ISCH COST Action IS1002 Modernet,
a network for development of new techniques for discovering trends in occupational and work-related diseases and tracing new and emerging risks

Occupational diseases (ODs) impose a heavy burden on both workers and employers and represent enormous economic costs. In general, the information on incidence and prevalence of occupational diseases is rather poor and inconsistent between countries, and there is an urgent need for new methods and instruments to trace new and emerging occupational health (OH) risks. This Action’s objective is to develop a network for exchange of knowledge on, and setting the basis for comparative evaluation and development of new techniques to enhance the information on trends in ODs, on discovering and validating new OH risks more quickly (data mining, workers’ and physicians’ reporting coupled with novel statistical techniques) and use of modern techniques to discuss and disseminate information (platforms, social media).

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