Abstract submission deadline extended to June 6th 2016

We already received a nice amount of abstract for our Modernet meeting. But after discussion with Daniela, our local organizer, we decided to extend the deadline for abstract to 6 June 2016.

Please use word documents for the abstract and they can be submitted by e-mail to daniela@pelclova.cz 

If you want to participate in the conference, send an email to Daniela to register

Book the hotel in Prague: hotel reservation form online now

Please book your room well in advance using the reservation form you can find through the link


http://www.hotel-ilf.cz/(link is external)

Hotel Location: http://www.hotel-ilf.cz/hotel/poloha-hotelu(link is external) 

Hotel ILF is located in a quiet part of Prague 4 - street Budějovická.

The hotel is surrounded by greenery and is situated directly at METRO station Budějovická line C.

Is air pollution an environmental risk factor for the brain?

International Forum on Health and Environment

NEUREX and the scientific consortium  (CNE/ENRG-WFN/EAEH)

30 November 2016 - 2 December 2016

Scientific meeting summary



Provisional programme

Modernet Meeting Prague 20-21 October 2016

Next October our annual Modernet meeting will be in Prague.

Occupational and environmental diseases; from nano-problem to big data

Possible interesting vacancy

Through the link below you find an interesting vacancy for a tenure position (40%) at ULG, Liège, Belgium.


For those who speak French:

L’université a décidé de rouvrir la vacance d’une charge académique (à 40% d’un temps plein) en Médecine du travail et environnementale, de façon à pourvoir à ma succession.

New interesting article

New article on Modernet topics in full text

Click here 

Information on logging in to this website: no longer necessary

Some people have emailed me about logging in to this website with their old costmodernet website accounts.

The bad news: These acounts do not work on this website.

The good news: you do not need them, because there are no restricted areas anymore.

To make this a full public available website, I removed all confidential information such as presentations on meetings from the database. I still have them, so if you have special requests, send me an email

Third Modernet Newsletter published


The third Modernet Newsletter was published on 17 December 2015

You can find it here

PhD theses defenses of Delphine Rieutort and Marie Delaunay

Two PHD students from Grenoble university who have previously attended Modernet conferences and presented part of their work will have their “viva voce” on the 12th and 13th of November 2015: 

Click here to read more about the theses

Read more for a few pictures

Modernet has its own bankaccount

Since yesterday Modernet has its own bank account.

KBC bank, Ladeuzeplein, Leuven

IBAN: BE13 7370 4433 8339


Three members signing papers to open the Modernet bank account at KBC bank in Leuven on 6 November 2015



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