If organisations want to make faster progress in improving work conditions, they should consider collaborating and working together. There are many collaborative opportunities that they can engage in, including:

Workshops and Training

The best way to get employees to understand and appreciate the importance of ensuring they adhere to the work safety rules is by having candid conversations with them. Discuss some of the risks they could expose themselves to if they ignore the rules. Having a workshop is a great platform to have these discussions. Different organisations can come together, plan such meetings, and then get a facilitator to teach and talk to the employees.

Buying Safety Devices and Goods in Bulk

It can be costly for individual companies to place orders on some of the protective devices such as ergonomic chairs, personal protective equipment, or even having signage made. The rates can be discounted if many organisations are placing their orders at once. This kind of arrangement can work best if the companies decide to collaborate when making such orders.

Functions and Events

There are essential functions like celebrating the world day for safety and health at work that should be marked to remind both employers and employees on the importance of putting safety measures in place at work to ensure everyone is safe. These events and functions tend to have an even bigger significance if different companies came together to work in the planning. It can involve various activities that are preceded by media adverts, social media campaigns, and getting endorsements from other companies.

Forming Associations

Instead of waiting for when there is an event coming up, the organisations ca collaborate and form an association whose mandate is to ensure safety at work. When there is a body that has been set to look at the health and safety of workers, correctly, it shows commitment and is likely to yield better results.