Occupational diseases are conditions that come about because of the working conditions you are exposed to. While some jobs put you more at risk of getting occupational diseases, such as when your work involves lifting heavy items, anyone can get occupational diseases. Even sitting on your computer desk for too long can expose you to getting occupational diseases. Some of the leading causes of these diseases are:

Repetetive Work Movement

If your work subjects you to some form of repetitive movements, you are at risk of getting occupational diseases. For instance, it has been found that people who sit hunched on their computers for many hours might develop back problems due to the sitting position, or develop strains in their elbows because their hands are always on the computer.

Heavy Lifting

Lifting heavy loads, such as what is done by porters and people who help to transport or relocate goods, causes a strain to the muscles. Over time, some people have reported that they felt something in their body snap, or they got physical injuries while trying to lift a heavy item.

Working With Hazardous Substances

This can be people in the medical field or scientists and researchers who are always mixing chemicals and trying to react to different substances. It can also be casual labourers who use heavy chemicals to clean or those who are still handling dangerous chemicals. Without proper protective devices, they may inhale the fumes of the substances, get irritation when their skins get into contact with the materials, or even accidentally spill the items and cause an accident.

Exposure to a Noisy Environment

There are jobs like drilling that have a lot of noise or those who work at a place where people are always hitting heavy stuff. It could also be a music studio with heavy instrumentals. The sound can interfere with hearing and make you have constant headaches.