There are many diseases that you can get at your workplace if you do not take the right precautions to ensure workplace safety. The first step is always to understand the risks that you can be exposed to, and then find out the right solutions to make. It could otherwise necessitate the need visit a doctor or even a dentist. The answers can be the individual steps you take, such as learning to take breaks and wearing protective gear, or the ones that the organisation should take to make sure that the employees are safe. Some of the common occupational diseases are:

Physical Overload Diseases

This is when you exert a lot of pressure on your body and end up being injured. For instance, if you are always typing on your computer, you may realise that over time, you start getting tension pain on your back, shoulders, and back. It can also be when your work involves lifting heavy items and you get muscle wear and tear.

Pulmonary Diseases

These are diseases that come about when your work involves being in an environment where you inhale dangerous gases or even dust. These particles get into your pulmonary system and can cause complications in the lungs. Pulmonary diseases can also come about if you work in harsh conditions like extreme cold.

Mental Conditions

Even though most people do not mention it as an occupational disease, stress-related diseases can come up if you are working in a toxic environment. There are people who report getting depression and panic attacks because their jobs expose them to a lot of stress and pressure.

Skin Diseases

For people who are in contact with dangerous substances such as harsh chemicals, the risk of getting skin diseases is high. They can be in the form of blisters, discolouration, skin irritation, and even long term conditions that later develop into cancer.