It is not uncommon that an accident occurs and a tooth is damaged or lost. It is important that you are examined by a dentist if you are involved in an accident and your teeth are exposed to trauma.  

An accident that includes trauma towards the teeth can lead to several symptoms. It is not unbelievable that some of the following symptoms can occur:  

  • Tooth is loose 
  • Tooth changes colour  
  • The tooth hurts 
  • The tissue around the tooth bleeds  
  • The gum swells  
  • The area around the tooth aches 
  • Blister appear in the area around the tooth 
  • The tooth is chipped  
  • The tooth is cracked 
  • The tooth is lost 

If a tooth is severely damaged or lost, it is important that a dentist examine the mouth. It does not matter if it’s a baby tooth or a permanent, the damage needs to be looked at by a dentist. 

When a baby tooth is lost it is of great importance not to put it back in the mouth. Instead, wrap paper around the tooth and take it to the dentist. If the tooth is put back to its original place in the mouth there is a great risk that the underlying teeth will be damaged 

If the tooth that has been knocked out is a permanent tooth it is important to protect it from dirt and bacteria on your way to the dentist. Rinse the tooth in cold running water and, if possible, put it back into your mouth. It is by far the best place to keep your tooth. If it’s not possible you can put it in a glass of cow’s milk. As a last resort, you can store the rinsed tooth under your tongue on your way to the dentist. It is important to keep in mind not to store the tooth in water.  
If you need to touch the tooth, for example when you rinse it, remember to only touch the crown and avoid touching the root.  

When the tooth is chipped, the knocked-off piece can be kept in water until you can visit a dentist. Which should preferably be done within 24 hours after the accident.